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Selling with iLoveDoorCounty.com

Why hire me? Because Marketing Matters.  

You deserve a Marketing Firm That Sells Real Estate.  

"We appreciated Dave's real estate expertise and sensitivity in the recent sale of our long time family home. As owners living out of state, he handled all of the details with great efficiency." - Holly Blommaert

"My sister Holly and I will always be grateful for how patient and professional he was in selling our dad's house in Ephraim. I will always recommend David to my freinds"  -Toby Wilson


iLoveDoorCounty.com provides strategic marketing campaigns for your home, lot, condominium or commercial property online and in print that build desire and grab the attention of active buyers.

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We EXPLORE The Exceptional Story of Your Home.

Every home has its own character and unique style. iLoveDoorCounty.com explores what your home’s story is and highlights the value and quality of your house by unlocking the treasures that make a property a cherished home.


My Exclusive Pre-Certified Home Program

CREATE The Vivid Experience

We creatively convey the experience of your home with the essential key elements of marketing; high definition videography, professional photography, and an online digital experience that brings your home to life. Through our marketing team’s vision we launch a property specific campaign that builds undeniable desire and appel for your home.

Media Team

Home Selling Tips


iLoveDoorCounty.com's media team collaborates with you to convey the true story of your home with photography, video, design, and great copy.




Our professional photographers take their time making absolutely sure each image of your home perfectly portrays the true essence of each individual room, as well as your home as a whole. They understand perception is everything and work diligently to bring the home to life through  each image.




The best way for buyers to imagine their new life in a home is to experience the movement of the home. High definition videography brings the heartbeat of each home to the buyer and tells the story unlike any description possible. View sample videos:


PUBLISH Online and in Buyers’ Hands



In today’s digital world it takes more than just listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service and erecting a sign to sell a property. iLoveDoorCounty.com builds a full custom property website for each and every listing to give buyers a dynamic online experience that helps them imagine and explore the home in a more thorough way. Our offline promotional elements bridge the gap and provide beautiful print material for the more tactile buyer.


Custom Property Websites

iLoveDoorCounty.com custom websites for every listing gives buyers a dynamic insight to the character and unique style of each home. View custom websites:

Print Materials

Our in-house marketing team creates beautiful print materials for the tactile buyer.





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Social Media

Click Here to "Like" our Facebook Page

Click Here to "Like" our Facebook Page

With all great marketing campaigns, social media must not be forgotten. Our listings and events are promoted within our social media networks to a massive audience of online viewers. Social media is where design, photos, videos, and print can come alive and be shared by all around the social sphere giving maximum exposure to your home.


Marketing to a Large Targeted Audience


Location! Location! Location! ...With 4 Offices! We Cover ALL of Door County!



As part of our successful marketing strategy, iLoveDoorCounty.com automatically submits your property to one of the largest listing syndication networks in North America. Your property exposure is maximized through iLoveDoorCounty.com. When you list your home with a us your property is marketed on the following websites:


ATTRACT New Owners

It would be hard for a passerby not to notice our colorful call to action on each standard yard sign. No need to wonder if the house is for sale, our signs already tell them… BUY ME.



World-Wide Marketing.... World Class Results!

Click Here to Get a Free Market Update on Homes for sale in your Neighborhood!

Click Here to Get a Free Market Update on Homes for sale in your Neighborhood!

  • We are here to help you by making selling your home easy for you!
  • We will Prepare custom market analysis to help you determine current market value of your property.
  • Counsel you on current market trends, pricing & staging your property, giving advice on how to maximize your profits using our years of real estate experience.
  • Prepare a custom listing binder with all important documents in order. We are very organized and we have checklists and systems for everything we do so that nothing gets missed.
  • Make multiple extra keys carefully coded so that we always are prepared for multiple showings.
  • Install yard signs for maximum exposure as allowed by local codes.
  • Prepare a detailed Inventory of furnishings if applicable. For contract purposes it is best to prepare this in advance and attach to the Sales Contract to eliminate any misunderstandings.
  • If rented review details of lease, deposits, dates, coordinate with tenants and rental management company, and handle related sales contract details.
  • Follow up on all showings. We record your personal showing instructions in our computer system and log in each showing as the appointment is made so that we know who is in your property at all times. We follow up on all the showings for feedback from the buyers and to offer our assistance in consummating your sale. We will communicate to you all comments we get from the prospective buyers and their Realtors.
  • Send you written monthly statistical market analysis and State of the Market Report.
  • Communicate to you personally our advice and summations regarding any conditions affecting the marketing of your property.



To make sure your property is seen by Buyers and REALTORS®, and showcased in a way that demonstrates its value we will:


This is one of the most effective means of marketing your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our site is ranked very high by Google as a one-stop shop for the Door County area. It not only has comprehensive real estate information, but everything else you need to know if you are visiting or relocating. Your property will also appear on over 30 of the top real estate websites, including the #1 real estate related site Realtor.com®. We have purchased prime positioning on these sites with featured properties to give you maximum exposure.

  • Professionally photograph your property and amenities.
  • Prepare Visual Tours and comprehensive slide shows with voice over descriptions of your property to place on 30+ websites, which gives your property optimum exposure on the worldwide web.
  • Design professional brochures, flyers, and photo presentation booklets for distribution to REALTORS® and prospective buyers. The quality of our marketing materials is well-known and appreciated throughout the area.
  • Aggressively market your property to area REALTORS® through use of MLS & technology systems available to the professional real estate community.
  • Personally promote your property at 2 weekly REALTOR® meetings and through our Team's large local sphere of influence.
  • Feature your property on 2-guided REALTOR® tours.
  • Personally send the Virtual Tour, photo Gallery, and detailed presentation of your property to all the Realtors.
  • Search our extensive database in our personal custom computer matching system allowing us to match your property to 23+ years of accumulated prospective buyers (over 10,000).

Assist in Negotiations and Closing

We will:

  • Qualify and counsel serious buyers and their agents to make it easy for them to move forward with a good offer on your property.
  • Review sales contracts, addendums, disclosures, your protections, obligations & closing costs.
  • Counsel, advise & help you analyze all offers.
  • Negotiate for you to help you accomplish the best price, terms & conditions for any offer.
  • Help with the vast legal paperwork, including any required condominium or homeowner's disclosures, lead-based paint, energy efficiency and other disclosures.
  • Monitor all details on escrow deposits, contingencies, make sure necessary surveys have been ordered.
  • Arrange access and consulting with appraiser as needed.
  • Review pre-qualification letter from Buyer's lender and coordinate with Buyer's lender regarding loan approval.
  • Schedule property inspections and assist in negotiating any inspection items that are requested, and help with getting estimates for required repairs.
  • Advise you on local closing procedures.
  • Advise you on the many details of closing such as utilities, insurance, other services and help you with any details such as choosing movers.
  • Consult with you, the buyer and the selling agent throughout the settlement process and troubleshoot potential problems in advance to avoid deal-breakers.
  • Assist your attorney to ensure a smooth & timely closing, communicating with you at all times before, during and after the sale.
  • Apply our "Team" specialization to benefit YOU in all facets of your real estate transaction including providing you with the expertise of your own personal Team Listing, Marketing and Closing Managers.

Selling Your Home

For most families, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work. When you're ready to sell it's important to have an experienced real estate professional handle the details involved in the successful sale of a home for top dollar.

As an experienced professional who has helped many Sister Bay residents sell their homes, I know how to handle every aspect of the sales process - from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to making sure everything's signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date.

Providing you with comprehensive, high-quality listing service is my top priority. So when you decide to sell your home, please contact me and let's get started!

The following articles are a great place to start if you're looking for information about the sales process and how you can get more for your home when you decide to sell.

The Basics of Marketing Your Home
How to Set a List Price for Your HomeWhy Use a Realtor when Selling a HomeGet Your House Ready to Show Buyers

  Another Way iLoveDoorCounty.com and David Kaster Market Luxury Properties in Wisconsin!


Dave Kaster, Realtor, GRI, CDPE  http://www.iLoveDoorCounty.com

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Selling Luxury Homes in Door County, WI

Dave Kaster and iLoveDoorCounty.com has access to and can help you buy or sell

homes, lots, land, condominiums and commercial properties for sale in

Door County, WI.

Dave Kaster, Realtor, GRI, CDPE has access to and can help you buy ANY home, lot or condominiumfor sale in Door County, WI.  As a member of the Door County Board of Realtors and Door County MLS,. I have at my fingertips access to and information about ALL Luxury real estate listings for sale in Door County, WI.

I want to be YOUR Realtor and for you to say " iLoveDoorCounty.com"

Originally from Green Bay, Dave lives in Sister Bay, WI and has been spending his summers in Door County all of his life. He also runs a successful real estate business in Marco Island, FL and Naples, FL and this compliments his Door County business.  He has a client base of affluent investors worldwide.  Dave Kasterhas over 25 years experience in real estate. He has an extensive background in internet marketing of luxury real estate. Dave is completely "computerized" and cites "I use the latest technology to better serve my clients." He is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Wisconsin Association of Realtors, Door County Board of Realtors, Realtos Association Northeast Wisconsin (Green Bay, WI DKSellsGreenBay.com), Naples Board of Realtors and the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors. 

ALL of This Can be Yours...Every Day!  

Thank You for visiting www.iLoveDoorCounty.com your “Purveyors of the Door County, WI Lifestyle”



Pre-Certified Home Selling System

Pre-Certified Home Selling System



Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 5.20.36 AM.png

Most buyers are not really trying to do this on purpose, but all buyers do want to take advantage of the current market conditions.

My exclusive 3 Step Pre-Certified Home Program has helped countless sellers keep thousands of dollars in their pocket. Call me at 920-785-HOME (4663) for more information!

  • Sell Your Home For More Money!

  • Sell Your Home Quicker!

  • Eliminate "Double Negotiations" with Buyers

  • Show Buyers You Have Nothing To Hide!

Real Estate has been practiced basically the same way for many, many years. It has almost always been a process where the parties involved simply react and the strongest negotiator WINS. You put your house on the market and brace yourself to negotiate to the death! I have decided to stop leaving my sellers money on the table and instead become a "Proactive" agent. My simple 3 Step Pre-Certified Home Program is proven to sell your home for more money!! Call me for a FREE, No Obligation Consultation at 920-785-HOME(4663)!

Don't let a buyer Negotiate more money away from you after you accept an offer!!!

If you want to sell your home for more money, call me at 920-785-HOME(4663) or fill out the form below!!

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My Pre-Certified

Home Program

David Kaster ,Realtor,GRI, CDPE


• Buyers looking at homes want the best home for the best price.

(Shiny Penny)

• Buyers are more likely to buy a home that offers a benefit to them.

• Buyers are more likely to buy a home that includes a written

Warranty since buyers want peace of mind.

• Buyers are more likely to buy a home and pay more for a home that

shows the owner isn’t hiding anything.

• Since the housing market crash, over 90% of the reason home sales

fell apart were due to a failed home inspection.

• You will be able to negotiate up front with a buyer since you are

aware of any defects and have had time to fix or disclose them. This will allow

for a better offer from buyers. (versus an offer that will be re-negotiated after

the buyer obtains their home inspection) This has saved some of our sellers over

4% of the sales price.

• Removes traditional double negotiations.

• Offer negotiation

• Post-Inspection negotiations

• Allows you to price the home according to market so more buyers

find and look at your home.

• No worrying about accepting an offer, then hoping the buyer’s

inspection comes out okay.

• Distinguishes your home from other homes on the market.

• Instills confidence in a buyer’s decision to put an offer on your home.

• Maximizes the value of your home.






Pricing Your Door County Home

How to price your Door County Real Estate.

The Door County real estate market is no different than the stock market, and we remind our clients of this fact daily.  In fact, the only constant in our market is actually change.  The market changes daily, weekly and monthly based on new listings and where they are priced, and the actual sales that come onto the market each week.

Pricing Your Door County Home

How to price your Door County Real Estate.

The Door County real estate market is no different than the stock market, and we remind our clients of this fact daily.  In fact, the only constant in our market is actually change.  The market changes daily, weekly and monthly based on new listings and where they are priced, and the actual sales that come onto the market each week.

The Door County real estate market is no different than the stock market, and we remind our clients of this fact daily.  In fact, the only constant in our market is actually change.  The market changes daily, weekly and monthly based on new listings and where they are priced, and the actual sales that come onto the market each week.


The demand for realistically-priced properties in Door County, Wisconsin is extremely significant right now for several reasons:


  1. Properties with financing need to appraise out (and cash sales may contain appraisal contingencies, too).

  2. Properties that are well-priced spend SIGNIFICANTLY less time on market, command close to full price (and may actually receive multiple offers); and

  3. Buyers are looking to work with Brokers with a realistic picture of the market and market conditions.


While as a listing agent, I wish ALL of my properties could be million dollar properties, the reality is that they are not.  Properties need to be properly priced to sell, and I appreciate the Sellers who listen to me and read our reports weekly as to Door County real estate market conditions, and look at our monthly reports.


 My biggest fear is overpricing a property.  Overpricing means I am spending my hard-earned money on a weekly basis on something that is frustrating to both me and my clients---the listings that get no showings, and no offers.  Some Sellers ask, when advised listing price is high, to “bring us low-ball offers!”  Well, we can’t bring low-ball offers if we can’t get buyers in the door, because the property is overpriced.


 We do extensive Comparative Market Analyses on ALL of our properties, and advise our clients weekly of market conditions, but the realism is that the appraisal you had done in 2010 is NOT applicable to today’s market.  Your Estimated Market Value as given on your tax bill is NOT necessarily your true market value---that is a snapshot in time of the last time the appraiser looked at your property.

Properly priced properties for sale in Door County sell.  They don't sit, they SELL.  And we have had many low sales in 2014 because Sellers are realizing that our market is still declining in the number of sales, although prices have risen in some market segments in Door County.  It’s a great time to be a buyer, because we have a lot of inventory.  That being said, you would think that Sellers would realize that they are in competition with a lot of inventory (some of this inventory has been on market for years)…but some Sellers only hear what they want to hear.  Data and facts make no difference.

 Is it time to Sell your Door County property?  Please contact us.

Thank you. David Kaster  iLoveDoorCounty.com - "Purveyors of the Door County Lifestyle"


Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips

Things to keep in mind when Selling your home.


Selling a home in a market like this one — filled with foreclosures and crowded with other sellers — can be tough on your mental state and on your finances. That’s why it’s essential to do all you can to get your home looking good and drawing in buyers. Most homeowners will be happy to learn that you don’t have to invest in a whole home renovation to spruce it up. In fact, many fixes that are a big help in selling your home can be done on a budget and require little besides some time and elbow grease to do. If you’re looking for some ways to make your home stand out and get sold, here are some simple hacks you can try.


These basics are something every homeowner needs to do when putting their house on the market.

  1. Paint your walls a neutral color. You might like bright and bold colors, but potential buyers might not. Paint the walls a light, neutral color that will allow anyone viewing your home to picture themselves in it.
  2. Clear out clutter. Buyers don’t want to see closets that are overflowing, garages that can’t house a car and kitchen counters littered with spices and appliances. Clean things up before putting your house on the market for better success.
  3. Get rid of big furniture. Overly large furniture can make a room seem small and crowded– the opposite of what you want buyers to feel. Sell or store it to make more room.
  4. Fix any broken items. Whether it’s a busted doorbell or a leaky faucet, make sure your home is in good repair so buyers won’t have any hesitations.
  5. Use what you’ve got. You likely don’t have the time or money to mount a full-on renovation if you’re trying to sell your home, so use paint, simple fixes and things you already have to make your home look great.
  6. Stage your rooms. You don’t have to be a professional to take some steps to stage your home. Clean up, change a few items of decor and rearrange your rooms to give things a clean, streamlined appeal.
  7. Take down some personal items. While you don’t have to make your home look like a showroom, removing personal items like photos, trophies and memorabilia can help buyers better picture themselves in the space.
  8. Don’t take on big renovations. When you’ve put your home on the market isn’t the best time to undertake major projects. Not only is it expensive, it makes your home difficult to show, so focus on small fixes instead and let buyers handle the renovations if needed.
  9. Imagine you’re the buyer. Try taking a look at your home from an objective point of view. What would you change or fix up? Use this information to help spruce up your space.
  10. Make your home stand out. If you live in a neighborhood with several homes for sale, you’ll need to find a way to make your home stand out. Highlight the best aspects of your home and make sure buyers see what it really has to offer.
  11. Make sure rooms have an obvious use. You might use your dining room as an office, playroom or storage space, but potential buyers might be put off by that. Set up rooms for their intended purpose instead and move your stuff to another space for the time being.
  12. Minimize the pet effect. Not all home buyers are big animal lovers, so make your home friendly to them as well by cleaning up toys, pet food and supplies before your home is shown.
  13. Make the space easy to walk through. Remove any furniture, clutter or boxes that might be blocking or impeding buyers from walking through the space freely.


The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, so use these hacks to make sure it wows them.


  1. Pay attention to curb appeal. First impressions can go a long way, so make sure your home makes a good one. Step out to the curb to see just how your home holds up and what you can do to help it.
  2. Mow the grass. A well-trimmed yard will make your home look nice and well taken care of, so keep your grass in check. Mow it regularly yourself or hire a service to do it for you.
  3. Plant some flowers. Flowers are a pretty, inexpensive way to add some color and life to your home. They’re simple to plant and buyers will love them.
  4. Power wash your home and decks. Sometimes all decks, porches and siding need to look clean and new is a good, hard scrubbing.
  5. Get rid of weeds and any outdoor clutter. It might not be fun, but it’s essential to keep flowerbeds and outdoor spaces just as clear of clutter as indoor ones.
  6. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Choose a nice color to paint your door to help it look clean, nice and kept-up.
  7. Get a nice welcome mat. It not only helps pull together your outdoor space but will introduce buyers to your home on the right foot.
  8. Repair or replace your mailbox. If your mailbox is weather-beaten and tired-looking, repair, paint or replace it.
  9. Make sure the house number is nicely displayed. Not only is it a safety issue, it makes your home look charming and nice to boot.
  10. Clean out gutters. You don’t want water overflowing in places if buyers see your home on a rainy day. Get up on your roof and clean out your gutters ahead of time.
  11. Stage outdoor spaces. Staging isn’t just for indoor spaces. Make your deck and outdoor entertaining areas as appealing as possible with plants, paint and great design.
  12. Clean and maintain any outdoor furniture, pools or entertainment spaces. Buyers are going to look at your outdoor spaces critically as well, so make sure everything you have out there is in good repair and as close to move-in condition as possible.
  13. Clear any plants blocking windows. Big bushes and trees that are blocking windows should be trimmed back or removed. Not only do they make the house look bad from the outside, but they block light to the inside as well.


Keeping your home clean and tidy when you’re trying to sell is essential. Use these hacks to make sure you’re covering all your bases when it comes to cleanliness.

  1. Keep your home as clean as possible. That way you’ll be ready for buyers to come see it at any time they’d like to.
  2. Don’t leave dirty dishes out. Wash them right away or stick them in the dishwasher.
  3. Pick up your clothes. You might be in a rush in the morning, but don’t leave pajamas, shirts and especially not underwear lying around. You don’t want to make buyers uncomfortable and you want to keep the space clean.
  4. Clean the windows. It’s amazing what a good cleaning will do for windows. You may not have even realized how much light was being blocked by years of dirt and grime.
  5. Make sure ceiling fans and lights are dust free. These are places you might not often check for dirt, but buyers may notice.
  6. Clean any carpets in the home. You want to make the carpets in your home look as nice as possible, so have them professionally cleaned or rent a steamer, especially if you have pets or young children.
  7. Wash and press window treatments. You might not realize how much dust and dirt your curtains are collecting. Take them down and give them a wash and press to keep them fresh and nice.
  8. Put away toys. Buyers shouldn’t have to trip over toys to see your home. Keep toys and other items out of the way as much as possible.
  9. Wash any walls you do not wish to paint. You don’t have to totally paint a room to make it look nice. Sometimes just wiping down a wall can make a big difference.
  10. Wipe down light switches and door jambs. These are places that collect dirt and grime from hands, so a quick wipe down can do wonders for a room.
  11. Focus on the bathroom and kitchen. These are spaces that buyers are most concerned be clean, so focus your attention on them first.


You want to make your home appear as spacious as possible, and if it’s filled with junk, well, you’re going to have a hard time doing that. Use these tips to help get your home clutter-free.

  1. Have a garage sale. It can help you make some money to use for renovations and get rid of things you don’t need at the same time.
  2. Clean out closets. You want them to look spacious, so keep them emptied and organized.
  3. Organize all storage spaces. Invest in some bins and boxes to store your things and help them look nice and neat.
  4. Only have what you need in a space. When you’re selling your home, it’s best to pare things down to essentials. Clear out anything in a room that you’re not using on a regular basis.
  5. Consider a storage locker. If you don’t have a place to put all your extra things, rent out a storage space for a month or two. It could pay off big time if you sell your home.
  6. Clear off all counters. Cluttered counters can make a kitchen or bathroom look dirty and small, so keep the space open instead.
  7. Hide personal items. Photos, memorabilia, personal care products and other items shouldn’t be out on display. Put them in a drawer or cabinet instead.
  8. Keep drawers and closets only partially full. You want to make it look like there is abundant space, so only utilize about 80 percent of the space in your storage.
  9. Don’t forget the garage. Clean out the garage and make sure there’s room to put a car in. If you want to go all out, hang up bikes and yard equipment to fully organize the space.


While you want to work on your home itself, being smart about the business end of real estate can be a big element in your success when it comes to selling your home. Learn more with these tips.

  1. Don’t volunteer information to buyers. You never know what answer they’re expecting to hear and you could do more harm than good. Let your realtor handle the situation.
  2. Choose a great real estate agent. Finding a real estate agent who will work with your interests is essential. Shop around or use recommendations from friends.
  3. Go outside when buyers are touring your home. It can make buyers nervous to have the sellers in the home when they are touring it, so step out when your home is going to be shown.
  4. Compare prices with other homes in the area. You want to make sure you’re not charging too much or too little for your home. Your real estate agent can help you come up with a good figure.
  5. Figure out why buyers aren’t choosing your home. If your home has been on the market for a while, contact buyers and agents to see why they chose another and not yours. There may be something missing or detracting from your home that you’re not aware of.
  6. Have a for-sale sign in the yard. Many potential home buyers see homes they’re interested in simply by driving by. You’ll increase your chances of attracting their attention by displaying a for sale sign.
  7. Advertise on the web. There are numerous websites out there where you can advertise your home as being for sale. Take advantage of them and do all the self-marketing your can.
  8. Take good photos of your home. Whether you’re putting an ad in a paper or online, make sure the photos you take of your home are well-done. Blurry or dark photos aren’t going to sell anything.
  9. Don’t overprice. It can be tempting to want to get as much as possible out of your home, but in a market like this one, competitiveness is key.
  10. Ask for advice. If you’re struggling with selling your home, look to friends and real estate professionals for advice on how to tackle any issues that come up.
  11. Do your research. Don’t settle on a home price or anything else without doing a little groundwork first.  David Kaster can help you get the information you need. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.
  12. Look at the bright side. A crowded market doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you look at it from a different perspective. For instance, if there are several other homes for sale on your street, you may get buyers looking at your home who wouldn’t have otherwise stopped in.
  13. Don’t severely restrict showing hours. While it can be hard to balance, work, life and selling your home, make sure to be fairly flexible when it comes to showing your home. You don’t want to turn away any buyers who want to see the space.


Is your home an inviting, cozy and nice place to be? If it isn’t quite there yet, help make the atmosphere perfect for a sale with help from these tips.

  1. Get some new accessories. New throw pillows, candles, and matching home decor can give a room new life without costing a bundle.
  2. Get some fresh flowers. Even inexpensive flowers on the table can make a room look much nicer and more inviting.
  3. Pay attention to lighting. Especially if your home is being shown at night. Have good lamps and room lighting to show your home in the best possible light.
  4. Keep the temperature comfortable. In the summer, make sure your home is cool and comfy. In the winter, keep it warm and toasty.
  5. Make your home smell nice. You don’t have to bake cookies or bread to make your home smell nice. Getting rid of garbage and pet odors and using a spray air freshener can help.
  6. Keep pets out of the way. If you’ve got dogs or cats, make sure to keep them out of the way while buyers are walking through the home.
  7. Light some candles. These can help set the mood of the space and will smell nice to boot. Just don’t light them and leave!
  8. Remove any pest control devices. Ant, mouse and fly traps will seriously turn off buyers and make them think there’s an infestation. If there is, it is probably a good time to call the exterminator.
  9. Stop smoking in your home. If you’re a smoker, start smoking outside if you aren’t already. Cigarette smoke smells can linger and make buyers unwilling to buy your home.
  10. Open windows or light a fire. In nice weather, open windows can give your home a good feel. In colder months, show off your fireplace with a cozy fire.
  11. Keep it real. Your home doesn’t need to look like it’s ready for a magazine cover. Buyers know you live there, so while you should take care to keep things clean and nice, don’t go overboard.
  12. Make some throw pillows. This is a cheap and easy way to spruce up a living or bedroom.
  13. Remember that you’re not decorating for yourself. Decor shouldn’t be about what you like but what will appeal to the general public.

Easy Improvements

These hacks will have your home looking its best in no time.

  1. Consider new handles. New handles on old cabinets can provide a cheap and easy update.
  2. Replace light bulbs. This is one of the simplest ways to fix up your home, but it will make it seem that much more well-kept and maintained.
  3. Make cosmetic updates. Filling in holes, fixing small things and cleaning up stains, spills and scuffs are all projects that can be completed in an afternoon but that will make you home look leaps and bounds better.
  4. Re-grout tiles. Re-grouting tiles is a fairly easy task and can make a tired, dirty bathroom look brand new.
  5. Strip old wallpaper. If you’ve got dingy, peeling wallpaper in your home, take it down. Most buyers aren’t looking for wallpaper these days and would prefer to have the work taken care of ahead of time.
  6. Consider a new toilet seat. If your bathroom is older, a new toilet seat can make things look nice and new for only a few bucks.
  7. Refinish a stained tub. Old, stained tubs can get new life when you call in a professional refinisher to paint them.
  8. Get a new shower curtain. Shower curtains are cheap, so replace any old curtains in your home with nice, fresh new ones.
  9. Replace leaky faucets. Got a leaky faucet in your home? Buyers are sure to notice, so get the problem fixed or buy a new faucet.
  10. Fix leaks, creaks and holes. With a little WD-40, spackle and elbow grease you can reduce the ambient noises in your home.
  11. Have any water leakage problems repaired. Few things will turn off buyers faster than signs of water damage. If you’ve got a leaky roof or basement, get it fixed, stat. You’ll also want to repair any interior damage it has done as well.
  12. Add some plants. Giving your space some pretty plants is a great way to spruce it up and can cost only a few dollars.
  13. Consider new light fixtures. Outdated or broken light fixtures aren’t going to charm buyers, so invest in new ones to make things look neat and nice.


Staging can go a long way towards making your home look great and getting buyers to go for it. Learn the ins and outs from these hacks below.

  1. Update furniture. Outdated furniture can make your home seem outdated as well. Get a few pieces of more modern,updated furniture to put in your space instead.
  2. Create warm and inviting spaces. Your home should be a place that makes buyers feel at home there as well. Use warm colors, cozy setups and accessible styles to make it appealing to the widest range of buyers.
  3. Go for minimal. Less can be more when it comes to selling your home. Work at striking a balance between your home feeling empty and too full of your personal items.
  4. Pay attention to flow. The flow of a room can be a big deal with buyers. If you have a room that is a pass way between two spaces, make sure there’s no furniture in the way making it hard to navigate.
  5. Design for spaciousness. You want your home to look as big as possible to buyers, so do what you can to make spaces look big and bright. That means small, light furniture and brighter wall colors.
  6. Make it happy. A happy space is one that buyers will fall in love with. Forego dreary colors and tired furniture and opt for bright, light and clean instead.
  7. Choose light colors. Light colors will help a space look bigger and will give a better feel to potential buyers than dark colors.
  8. Remove any controversial decor. This means nixing any mounted animal heads, sexy photos or political memorabilia that could turn buyers off.
  9. If you don’t have good furniture, rent some. There are many places where you can rent a nice couch or a dining table for a few months while you are selling your home. It can be cheaper than buying and you won’t have to worry about the pieces when your home is sold.
  10. Talk to a professional stager. He or she can help you to figure out just what would be best to do in your home and where you problem areas are. If you’re on a tight budget, have them create a plan and do the work yourself.
  11. Focus on the main rooms. These are the rooms that buyers will be most concerned about, so make sure spaces like the kitchen, living room and master bedroom look the best.
  12. Be creative. There are numerous ways to make your home look appealing to buyers, so be creative. You may find a theme, color scheme or layout that is great when you’re open to new ideas.
  13. Use what you have. You may not need to go out and buy new things to furnish your home. Use things you already have around the house and revamp them to make them work in your space.